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A growing number of GPs have found that a relatively simple change can have a dramatic impact on benefits for patients, the performance of their surgery, and on making savings in the rest of the urgent care system.  


The trouble is at present only small pockets of GPs have managed to to successfully make the change.  To have an impact on our health system the change needs to be done at scale;  it needs to be embed by realigning incentives so that funding can be re-directed to where it can have the greatest impact, and then it must be evaluated using a robust methodology.





Very high cost low activity specialties, such as NICU, PICU, Stroke, Some Cancer Care, Renal Failure, Secure Mental Health and Child Mental Health present commissioners a particular problem:  high variability - as opposed to high demand. This is particularly difficult to manage without using some clever maths to help you.


This growing list of specialties is an area where we have unique experience in the UK. By modelling we can provide certainty around waiting times, and can help you eliminate out of area transfers. We can also help you control costs and can help ease pressures on workforce.

We have been helping NHS England as well as CCGs for well over a decade in this field.



Everyone's is looking at new models of care.


How to re-balance Acute and Intermediary Care while integrating with Social Services. How to look after elderly populations: keeping them well and out of hospitals.


The big question are what is the impact of this change and can we describe these in sufficient detail so we can plan and adapt the proposed changes effectively.


Can you convince yourselves, the greater team and your population that you can deliver better health at a more affordable price. To do so you must be able to both rigorously 'Model the Future' and rigorously 'Evaluate the Past'.



Our work puts commercial focus and academic rigor into your healthcare planning.  


We provide the hard numbers to your vision. Using data and evidence to support planning and decisions,

we build models to look at the future state of healthcare provision.

We are a technical consultancy providing analytic, strategic and business intelligence support.  


 Our clients include NHS England, CCGs, Acute and Primary Care Providers. 
We also work in partnerships with CSUs and with other Consulting Services.



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We are on a number of Government & NHS consulting frameworks including ELIS and G-Cloud.


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