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Forum for Commissioners and Providers using the CYPMH Modelling Tool: to share ideas, ask questions and help others.

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A forum for people involved with Manchester Datawell, the Healthy Brains Clinic and the Digital Dementia Exchange (DAX).

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A forum for practices going through change involving Telephone Consultation - to share ideas, successes and problems.

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  • Lee Wemyss
    Jun 5, 2018

    The new NHSE Web CYPMH Strategic Planning Tool has been free ( here ) for users to use since the summer of 2017. It's different, and an essential aid - because it helps you deal with the uncertainties of planning, so you can now be certain to control waiting times and out of area referrals. Over the last 6 months Healthcare Decisions have been working with South Central and West CSU (SCWCSU) and North East CSU (NEC) working alongside 10 areas to help them start using the tool. We're hoping some of those new users share there thoughts and experiences on this forum.